Leather Goods and Fashion Accessories Design Freelance Consultancy
Ciro Brandi Designer of Leather Goods and Fashion Accessories, Florence - Italy


I am a Fashion Designer  Artisan with particular experience in the field of fashion accessories.

The passion for accessories has always been the companion of my life.

Years ago when I started working in the fashion world, I realized that the Fashion "Accessories" would no longer be treated only as part of the clothing items, but would become a fundamental part of the entire collections.

I followed my instinct, which allowed me to express myself in both the women's and men's fashion sectors, learning to separate and interpret the various kinds of products in a distinct way.

I started with the design of more “classic” collections made in Italy, learning the techniques of craftsmanship and then those of the development of the industrial product, later I dedicated myself to collections of brands with strong fashion content, made both in Italy and abroad, which allowed me to experiment and study new concepts increasingly linked to seasonal themes, with particular and accurate research of trends and attention to detail.

I acquired the right synthesis ability that allows me to know how to manage creativity with commercial needs, without ever losing its originality.

I have gained a vast twenty-year experience that allows me to know how to manage all the creative processes, from the initial concept to the presentation of the collections.


Every project I followed was entrusted to me to be taken care of at every minimum stage, from coordinating the image of the product with that of the brand, to keeping both stylistic and commercial aspects balanced, for a decisive, unique and global image.



Knowledge of trends, materials, components, artisanal and industrial processing techniques, either made in Italy or abroad.


Expertise and skill in fashion research, accessories collection design and realization of drowings both manual and technical vector designs.


Skill in combining the best seasonal materials and developing unique and original accessory models that  match your brand identity and your market needs.






- Structure of the collection

- Market research and identification of new seasonal trends

- Identification of key customer trends

- Design and research of materials and components

- Design of the collection with clear technical specifications

- Translation of ideas into viable and commercially valid products

- Support in product and sample development

- Relationship with producers and suppliers

- Sourcing, editing, pricing and many more

- Presentation of the collection to customers and buyers


It will be a pleasure for me to take care of your company accessories collection!


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